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At Telesis, the thorough knowledge of direct marking systems extends to Nd: YAG, CO2, Fiber, and diode-pumped marking lasers, Pinstamp® and BenchMark® needle marking systems as well as to TeleScribe® scratch marking systems.

This is how we ensure that you get the permanent product labeling system that best suits your production conditions and products. Every Telesis dot peen and laser marker is proven to be robust and tough enough to survive in the real world of production.

Marking laser
  • Marks the surface with a dot matrix or lines
  • Hand-held, integrated or workbench systems
  • PINSTAMP® series or BenchMark® series
Needle punch
  • Contactless labeling
  • Highest quality features
  • High process speed
  • Fiber, UV and CO2 lasers
Scratch markers
  • Low noise level
  • Excellent speed and depth combination
  • Perfect for VIN marking applications

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Telesis laser marking systems

Telesis offers a complete line of laser marking systems that fulfill even the most demanding marking applications for industry. Our laser systems cover a wide range of wavelengths and enable applications for a wide range of products, from medical devices and instruments to automotive components, sensitive plastics, ceramics, glass, aircraft components and even organic materials. Telesis lasers have been developed for the most demanding manufacturing environments and can mark practically any material with text, barcodes, 2-D codes, logos and graphics.

telesis uv laser engraving

U series UV laser engraving
The Telesis UV laser with a wavelength of 355 nm is versatile – for a wide range of materials.

telesis co2 laser engraving

CO2 laser engraving
Ideal for marking organic materials such as wood, rubber, paper and ceramics

telesis solid body laser

E series solid state laser
For fine markings, heat-sensitive materials (metal foils, silicone, plastic, etc.) as well as applications where greater consistency is required.

telesis laser marking

F series fiber laser
Excellent for use in industrial production to identify various metal or plastic products in an environment where a robust and compact marking system is essential.

telesis green laser wavelength

Green wavelength laser
Optimized for applications that require high quality and stability of the beam. The best choice for laser marking, scribing, trimming, and other areas of material processing.

Telesis Pinstamp® needle embosser

The fully programmable PINSTAMP® single and multipin marking systems are based on the original floating pin design patented by Telesis. A pneumatically driven metal pen permanently punches a dot matrix or line-shaped characters into the marking surface – even logos, graphic elements or 2-D codes *. Since the marking pin slides on a constant “return air cushion”, unevenness of the surface of up to 6 mm can be easily compensated and there are no stress concentrations.

telesis_ nadelpraeger benchtop

Integration / benchtop systems
The versatile Pinstamp® systems are extremely flexible. They can be used in a wide range of applications – from desktop devices to automated high-speed marking.

Telesis dot peen

Portable devices
These systems are primarily intended for mobile applications. In addition, due to their small size, they are often used inline or as table devices.

Telesis dot peen

Special systems
The Pinstamp® marking devices from Telesis can be used for a wide range of applications, from table-top devices to automated high-speed marking.

Telesis dot peen controller

Pinstamp® needle marking systems controllers.

Telesis Merlin needle punch

Windows® based Merlin® III controller software

Telesis TeleScribe® scratch mark systems

TeleScribe® systems are preferred when low-noise marking is required. Scribing, sometimes called “drop and drag” or “scratch marking”, is the recognized standard for VIN marking and other applications where the noise of a needle embosser could cause problems.

Telesis scratch marking system

ServoScribe 3700
The new ServocScribe 3700/470 TELESCRIBE® marking system offers low-noise marking with an unmatched combination of speed and depth.

Telesis scratch marking system

High performance SC5000
The SC5000 enables deeper marking with a larger marking field – perfect for chassis VIN marking

Telesis scratch marking system sc5500

ServoScribe 5500 marking systems
Equipped with high-performance servomotors, this device is ideal for use with a shorter cycle time.

Telesis scratch marking system

The versatile SC3500
This robust system was built for elemental part marking and is ideally suited for automated inline and autonomous workbench applications.

Telesis scratch marking system

Compact SC2000 & SC2500
Compact scoring system SC2000 & SC2500 The Telesis® SC2000 / 2500 TeleScribe® marking system permanently marks your products and can be used for a variety of materials – such as steel, aluminum and plastic.


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