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Automation technology

cncMonster based in Oed near Amstetten offers the perfect solution for your automation tasks. No matter whether equipping, processing, painting or manipulating.

With the help of RoboDK, robots can be used for all tasks with little effort for individual solutions in just a few minutes.
We offer a complete package from the clamping technology, gripper technology and safety system to connection to the processing machines from a single source. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of robotics and automation technology, we are the perfect partner for your entry into Industry 4.0.

RoboDK industrial software

With RoboDK there are no limits in offline programming. RoboDK provides a user-friendly graphical user interface to simulate industrial robots.


SprutCAM is an easy-to-use system for the metalworking industry in the areas of turning, milling and robotics. The system can be used with any CNC machine.

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RoboDK automation

An example of a real application with RoboDK. Thanks to the direct connection to the KUKA, the program can be tested in real time without having to be transferred to the robot.

KUKA KR10 Automation with HAAS CNC Mill

This solution was made by us for the HAAS house exhibition in Austria. We used a KUKA KR10 for material handling with a vacuum suction system and a distance sensor. We used no security system because the robot was only driven in T2 mode with a technician to show the functions of the robot.

RoboDK industrial software

Robot machining

Use your robotic arm like a 5-axis CNC milling machine or like a 3D printer. Simulate and convert CNC programs (G code, APT or DXF files) to robot programs. RoboDK automatically optimizes the robot path, prevents singularities, axis limitations and collisions.

robot milling

Offline programming

Simulation and offline programming of industrial robots has never been easier. Create virtual environments, reference frames, targets and programs offline for many applications. You don’t need to learn any special, manufacturer-specific programming languages.

Robot library

You have access to many industrial robots, external axes and tools from 20 different manufacturers. Easily use any robot for applications such as: machining, welding, cutting, painting, inspection, deburring and others.


Robot accuracy

Is your robot arm not accurate enough? Calibrate your robot to increase accuracy and improve production results. Run ISO 9283 robot performance tests. Certify robots with a ballbar test.

Export programs to your robot

RoboDK’s post processor supports many robot controls including:
ABB RAPID (mod / prg)
Fanuc LS (LS / TP)
Kuka KRC / IIWA (SRC / java)
Motoman Inform (JBI)
Universal Robots (URP / script)
… and many others!



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