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Advantages of the CMD moisture detection

Increase producion efficiency

by optimizing the settings of pressure and dewatering

Measurement at almost all positions of the PM

from the suction roll to the dryer group

Wide-ranging messurement

from 15 bis 99 % of dry content of the paper

Increase energy efficiency

by optimizing the maschine settings

Production and quality control

Controlled startup after shutdown of the paper maschine

Measurement of paper

starting at the grammage of 60 g/m² and temperature up to 90°C

Save up to € 800.000,– a year

Economize your PM by reducing the utilized steam about 5%

(at a PM with a capacity of 400.000 t paper a year)

Optimization of
Vacuum settings

Optimization of the
Press pressure

Monitoring the press felts

Improvements of the CMD TYPE 3

  • PC-Software with intuitive interface
  • Guidance, configuration and measurement, even without
    integration into the process control system
  • Data are easily visualized (more than 12 h), evaluated and exported into an Microsoft Excel-readable format
  • Display and integration of up to four sensors
  • Storage and configuration of up to 15 different paper products – enables accurate calibration
  • Easy calibration for measurements of absolute values (in addition to relative values) enables more precise data

Improvements of the CMD TYPE 3

  • Revised electronics enable a greater application range in the paper machine

  • Improved measurement and better communication with new Software

  • Active compensation of extraneous lights (f.i. hall lightning) enables more precise measurement

  • Minimal maintenance costs due to improved mounting, additional air filter and cleaning kit

Compact design

Thanks to its compact design, the CMD offers advantages over comparable products on the market.
  • dirt resistant
  • almost maintenance-free
  • low maintenance costs
  • can also be used when space is limited

Lower costs and be more energy efficient


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